How do I use folders to organize my videos?



Creating a new folder

1) Click the + New Folder sign to create a new folder. 


2) Type in the name of the new folder and click Create.


3) The new folder is empty after creation and will appear on your list with other folders - follow the next set of steps to add videos to the folder.


Moving a video to a folder

1) Select the videos you wish to move to a folder from list view and right click and select Move to Folder.


2) Select a folder from the list and click Move Here.


Drag and drop videos to a folder

1) Click and hold the video you want to drag to a folder.


2) A thumbnail of the video will appear where it can be dragged to the desired folder. 


Please note: Users cannot drag and drop videos into the Shared With You folder. 

Renaming a folder

1) Select the folder you wish to rename from list view.


2) Right click and then select Rename.


3) Type in the new folder name and click Save.


Deleting a folder

1) Click on a folder from list view.


2) Right click and then select Delete.



3) Click Delete to confirm your selection. Please note: folders are not recoverable and this action is irreversible. The videos from the folders will appear in the trash where you can recover them. 


Moving multiple videos using list view

1. Select the videos to move to a folder.


2. Right click on any of the highlighted videos and choose the option to Move to Folder.


3. Choose the folder in which the videos will be moved to and click Move Here.


Creating a new folder while moving videos

1. After selecting Move to Folder once videos have been selected, you will have the option to create a new folder. Select + New Folder at the bottom left of the pop up window.


2. A space above the other folders will appear where you can input the folder name. Once a name is provided, the option will appear to Move Here and the selected videos will appear in the newly created folder.



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