Do I need a separate license to use built-in music tracks?

The sound effects and music tracks in Vyond are pre-licensed and provided to you royalty free, as part of every Vyond subscription. A separate license is not required.

However, the following limitations apply. Any video created on Vyond that uses built in music tracks and sound effects may not be:

1)  Distributed via broadcast or cable television, commercial (theatrical) film, or radio, as either entertainment or advertisements. If you are interested in using your Vyond work in this way, click through to read more about broadcast rights and creating videos for use in traditional broadcast media.

2)  Sold in high volume to the general public. High volume is defined as "more than 1000 copies" and includes copies provided on DVD, CD, embedded into video games, embedded into apps, or made available for download or streaming. This includes opting into ad monetization on streaming platforms.

If you intend to sell more than 1,000 copies of a video or monetize your work on a streaming platform, we recommend that you provide music and sound effect tracks which are licensed for use in revenue generating content. Learn how to add your own audio here.


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