How do I add or change a background?

1) Click the Add Scene dropdown icon in the timeline.


2) Select Add Blank Scene.


3) Select Upload in the toolbar and choose the Import Files option.


4) After the upload is complete, drag and drop the imported asset onto the stage, the click the corners of the image to re-size.


5) Click away from the stage to see how the scene looks in final form. To use this background again in the same project, select Add Scene from step 1 and select Continue Scene, or use the copy and paste function after right-clicking on the scene.


6) Optional: right-click on the scene and select "Save as Template" to use this background in future projects.


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  • How can I import my personal background in the new version?

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  • Hi Maurizio,

    Great question! You can add a personal background using the Import Asset function. We have a great article on importing assets here:

    You'll want to click on the Upload button in the Studio, select your file from your directory, and then drag and drop it into the stage after it's done uploading. Re-size the image on the stage and you're good to go!

    If you'd like to use the background in other videos, or call it up as needed in your current project, you may want to consider saving the scene as a template. Right click on the scene (in the timeline) and select "Save as Template" and it will appear in your personal template library. You can watch a video on that here if you're interested:

    Thanks for your question - take care, Maurizio!

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