How do I add or change a background?

When creating a scene from scratch, backgrounds are a great start. Choosing from our library or importing an image to use are great ways to set the foundation for your scene. 


Selecting a Background

1. Select Add Blank Scene


2. Click on the Background icon and then the arrow to choose from the categories: 


3. Choose backgrounds from either Locations or Patterns categories: 



Using Imported Images

1) Click the Add Scene icon from the timeline:


2) Select Add Blank Scene:


3) Select Upload in the toolbar and choose the Import Files option:


4) After the upload is complete, drag and drop the imported asset onto the stage, the click the corners of the image to re-size:


5) Click away from the stage to see how the scene looks in final form. To use this background again in the same project, select Add Scene from step 1 and select Continue Scene, or use the copy and paste function after right-clicking on the scene:


6) Optional: right-click on the scene and select "Save as Template" to use this background in future projects:


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