How do I share a video?

1) Click on the Additional Options icon on a video.


2) Select the Share option in the available menu.


3) Sharing Link is selected by default.


4) Select the Enable Link option in the active window.


4) Select the Copy Link option to show and copy the hyperlink to the clipboard. Default settings may restrict access to this video to Vyond Enterprise members in a view only state. Access is managed by Link Settings - these settings are described in next steps of this article.


5) Click on the Additional Options button to manage Link Settings.


6) Adjust link sharing settings and click the Save Settings button to confirm all changes.


View Only: People can view the video

Copy Only: People can view and copy the video

Edit: People can view, edit, copy and download the video

Full Access: People can view, edit, copy, download, delete and share the video

**Please note that Copy Only, Edit and Full Access options are only available for account-holders and subscribers in the same team**

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