Notes Panel


The notes panel is accessible in the studio for all users. The notes panel can be used to keep notes for a video or provide feedback to someone on the team. 


1. Click on the Notes icon in the top right corner: 


2. A panel will open, select the button Add Notes:


3. Type in any notes and click Save at the bottom of the panel:


4. A time stamp will appear to show when the notes were last modified at the bottom of the panel: 


5. To edit the notes, select the Pencil icon: 



Additional Notes

  • When a video is shared, only users with edit access or full access will be able to view and edit the notes.
  • The notes panel is currently only available to view/edit in the studio. 
  • When a video is copied, the notes will not be copied over from the notes panel in the original video.
  • Max capacity for storing notes is 1MB. Text cannot be input after the max capacity is reached. 
  • Currently, the notes panel does not support hyperlinks, timestamped comments, task management, or importing text from external sources. 



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