Creating and Using Bullet Points

There are a few ways bullet points can be added to a scene. You can add bullet points from the text option or create bullets points from scratch. Check out the video and follow the steps below on how to create bullet points. 


Check out this template video with some great options for bullet points.The scenes can also be saved as a template to use for future videos! 

Bullet Points from Text

1) Open the Text tab: 


2) Type Point Form into the search bar: 


3) Scroll down to the bullet point text option called Point Form and click to add to a scene: 


4) Once added to the scene, double click on the text to edit:


Bullet Points from Scratch

1) Open the Props tab:


2) Search for Circle:


3) Select a circle of your choosing from any of the themes: 


4) Add the circle to your scene and copy and paste the circle based on how many bullet points are required. The circles can be resized and aligned horizontally: 

Screen_Shot_2022-08-10_at_11.03.00_AM.png5) Add a text box to complete your bullet point list:


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