What is the limit on video length?

Although there are no imposed limits in the video maker, limiting the duration of videos to less than 5 minutes is recommended. Making shorter videos will provide ease in downloading and exporting. It will also ensure a better overall performance of the platform.

If a longer video is needed, one suggestion is to break it up into smaller chapters to reduce complexity. A video editing tool can be used to merge all video parts.

Cutting a video into smaller parts

1) Make a copy of the video. Learn more here.

2) Open the copy in the video maker and decide where to split it.

3) Select all the scenes and sound clips to remove. Hold down SHIFT to select multiple consecutive elements, or hold down CTRL (or ⌘) to select multiple non-consecutive elements.


4) Hit the DELETE key in the keyboard to remove the selection.

5) Save the video.

6) Make other copies of the video and repeat the process.


Merging MP4 videos using a third-party tool

These are some third-party tools recommended for merging videos:

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