How do I calculate the size of imported images?

When importing bitmap images into the video maker (PNG, JPEG), it's important to create them with the intended output resolution in mind. This will minimize pixelation when exporting a video at a high resolution.

The chart below shows how to calculate the approximate size of imported images exported at 1080p resolution (full HD):



1) Image covers 1/4 of the scene


Imported images dimensions should be at least 960 x 540 pixels

2) Image covers 1/9 of the scene


Imported image dimensions should be at least 640 x 360 pixels

If a zoom effect is applied to a scene, ensure the imported image has the appropriate dimensions so it does not pixelate when zoomed in.

For example, if the asset covers the whole screen at the end of a camera movement (as shown below), ensure the image dimensions are 1920 x 1080 pixels.



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