What is masking?


Right-click mask option

Looking for a way to show a character from the waist up? Or seeking something that behaves like cropping? Use the right-click mask option to hide certain parts of an asset using the boundaries of the asset.

1) Right-click an asset and select Mask.


2) Double click the asset to activate, then click and drag the asset within the asset boundary box.


3) Select the outer boundary box and resize using the control points. Hold down SHIFT to unlock the aspect ratio.


4) Click on the stage or another area to complete the mask. To move the asset around and mask again, repeat step 2.

To remove the mask, right-click on the group and select Remove Mask.


Clipping mask option

The mask feature works as a clipping mask. It allows for the selection of a shape or frame, then combines it with another asset, prop, or character to crop the object with that shape.

Below is an example of the clipping mask option:


PLEASE NOTE: Not all assets and props are available for use with this Mask feature - only a select list of props are maskable. Within Contemporary theme props, search "masks" to find the list of props that work with the Mask feature.

Follow these steps to create a mask:

1) Add a shape or frame from the Asset Library, preferably one in the list after searching "mask" in the search bar.


2) Select Mask in the toolbar.


3) Click Add Asset.


4) Select an asset from the library and resize it. If a character is selected, then actions and expressions are also available for application.


5) Click outside of the objects in the stage or elsewhere in the stage. Assets will move as a group at this point.


Double-click on the mask to edit each asset independently.


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