How do I add stock or custom colors to Quick Access?

Adding custom colors to Quick Access

Custom colors are not available in Quick Access yet; however, custom colors do appear in the video contents section under Quick Access. An update in the future will allow the addition of custom colors within Quick Access.

1) Select the Base Color icon and choose a custom color for the background of a video. Available options for selecting a color include RGB & HSB codes, eyedropper, or choosing a color from the color grid.


2) Select the Video Contents icon. The new color should now appear in the In This Video section. Any colors within a video will appear here - changing the color of the background or color of a prop will update in this section accordingly.


Adding stock colors to Quick Access

Stock colors are available for placement in Quick Access. Three stock color categories are available: Whiteboard Animation, Business Friendly, or Contemporary.

1) Select a stock color category in the Base Color panel. 


2) Right-click on a color and select Quick Access.


3) The color appears in the Quick Access panel.


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