How do I pause, remove, or add new members in Vyond Studio?

This article applies to Professional-level subscribers. Only team administrators can change seat permissions, billing options, and other core controls in Vyond Studio.

Add members

1) Click the initial or profile picture icon in the top right of Vyond Studio from within the team administrator's account.


2) Click Admin Panel.


3) Click select the Members sub-tab and click Invite Members.


4) Type in the email address of the new member(s) and select Invite Members. The new member(s) will receive an email notification to join the team.


Remove members

1) From the Members tab in the Admin Panel, select the Additional Actions icon next to the member that needs removal.

2) Select the Pause Account option. This effectively removes access for the member to the team account and no longer uses a seat. Team admins can un-pause the account at a later date to re-active the member.



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