How can I spell-check my videos?

Vyond does not currently have a built-in spell-check feature. However, some browser extensions such as Grammarly can be used while working in the video maker.


Grammarly can be used to:

  • Add or edit text items in the video
  • Create or edit text-to-speech clips
  • Create or edit mic recording clips
  • Share - Individual Access (Email contents)
  • Add or edit non-English text**

(**Grammarly premium feature)

The Grammarly extension will NOT work in the following cases:

  • Video rename
  • Folder rename
  • Search bar
  • Share - Sharing Link
  • Toolboxes (this includes imported assets, characters, props, charts, texts, audio, background, actions, expressions, enter/exit effects, scene transitions and templates toolboxes).
  • Character Creator action search box
  • Copy from library search
  • Character name

 Note: Some browser extensions and plug-ins might impact the performance of the platform. In case of errors in the video maker, try to disable browser extensions.

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