Known Issue - Assets and effects that will not migrate from Legacy to Studio

Description: When videos are transferred from the Legacy Video Maker to Vyond Studio, there are certain assets and effects that will not transfer over, as they are not compatible with Vyond Studio. These include, but are not limited to:

  • MP4 files: Any MP4 files that were imported into the video in Legacy will need to be re-imported when the video has been migrated to Vyond Studio
  • Retired content: Older content no longer available in Vyond Studio such as certain props, visual effects, and music tracks
  • Text-to-Speech: Text-to-speech audio files will be carried over from Legacy, but the text will not be editable once it is in Vyond Studio. To edit the file, an alternative is to delete the text-to-speech file and add a new one.
  • Curved motion paths: Motion paths with control points are not currently available within Vyond Studio

Note: Your original video will not be impacted by making this copy to Vyond Studio. Videos created and edited in Vyond Studio cannot be copied to Legacy Video Maker.

See also: How do I update an existing video I copied from Legacy to Studio?

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