Known Issue: Crackling audio on PCs using imported .mp3 files (RESOLVED)

Date: 4/1/2021

Description:  We have confirmed reports that a small amount of PC users have heard some audio artifacts (described as pops or crackles) when using imported .mp3 files or recording audio directly into the platform. 


  • Import or record your audio directly into Vyond via Mac. There are no reports of audio issues on Mac systems when importing or recording via mic directly into the platform.
  • Record and import a .wav file via separate program. Audacity is free and easy to use.

Status of Resolution: We have identified the root cause of the issue and it is related to a recent Windows update which affected how multi threading was leveraged when capturing audio. Our team have prioritized development of a fix for release as soon as it has been tested and proven effective. 

Update (8/17/2021): The issue has been resolved. 

Our support team appreciates your patience. If we can help, please contact us at Helpful information to include if you are experiencing this issue would be the number of tabs open in your browser, and the number of assets in the scene (if you are trying to record directly into Vyond).

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