Known Issue: Hanging Loading when attempting to Edit Videos or Import Assets (Resolved)

Update: Our team confirms at 4:00PM Pacific time that all login and loading issues should be resolved.

Date: 4/20/2021, 1:50PM Pacific time

Description:  Hanging loading screen on attempting to sign in, load/edit videos or import assets, wherein the Vyond loading bar freezes and a connection time out error or 'unable to edit video' message appears.


Workarounds: None at this time.

Resolution: We are currently working with our technical teams to establish the cause of this issue and hope to correct it as soon as possible for affected users.

Our support team appreciates your patience. If we can help, please contact us at Helpful information to include if you are experiencing this issue would be to follow the technical troubleshooting steps and let us know if this produced any improvement to page loading.

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