Joining Community Office Hours on Bevy

This article will cover steps for accessing our Community Office Hours through our events page.

To register, choose the RSVP option: 


Next, fill out the information to create a login: 


The login details will allow you to sign into our hosting platform for events in the future.

After selecting the Continue button, fill out the Attendee Information


Once completed, you will successfully register for the event. On the day of the event, you can click the Join Virtual Event Here button:


A pop up will appear to join the event:


You will be routed to our events hosting site where you will see the option to Join


The hosts will then wait until all attendees have joined and the session will start.

Ways to add the event to your calendar:

Add the event directly from the confirmation email:


Directly from the events page: 


Or from the Bevy page: 




The hosting site has been brought to you by Bevy, additional steps to login can be found here.

Additionally, if you would like to join other communities or events, steps can be found here.


The above links point to sites outside of the Vyond Help Center, and our company does not necessarily endorse the views, opinions, or posts made by these businesses or third-parties.

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