Export and Import Text

Export and Import text is available for all Professional and Enterprise users. The feature allows for text within a video to be exported so that changes can be made. The changes can be imported back into the studio and will apply to the scenes. This will apply to text in the form of: 

  • Text to Speech
  • Text in a Scene
  • Mic Recording Scripts (if available)


1. Select the Download menu from the studio: 


2. Select Export Text


3. An .xlsx file will download to your browser. Open the file and you will see the below columns: 

  • Timestamp
  • Scene Number
  • Type (text from the scene or text to speech)
  • Original Text
  • New Text 

4. In the New Text column, type the replacement text and save the .xlsx file to your computer. 

5. Next, go back to the video in the studio and select the Import Text option from the download menu: 


6. A window will appear once the .xlsx file has been chosen. The window will also provide the option to change the text to speech voice. Select Replace


7. The text will be replaced. 

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