Auto-translation is available for all Professional and Enterprise users. All text in a video, including scene text, dialog text entered for text-to-speech, and recordings, will be translated and replaced.


1. Select the Translate Video icon:


2. A window will appear where you can select the language and accent for the translations. select Translate to complete the process: 



  • Once the translation has started, it is best not to cancel the process in the middle. To undo the translation, simply click “undo” or use cmd Z command (or ctrl Z for Windows).
  • To translate mic-recordings, make sure to provide a typed script and enter it in the dialog box first before starting the translation process. After the translation is done, these recordings will be replaced by text-to-speech in the target language.
  • Please note that some translations may result in a longer audio clip in which the scene duration may need to be adjusted as well. 
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