Lock Assets

Users have the ability to lock assets in place. This is great when there are many assets in the scene that do not need to be adjusted. 



1) To lock an asset in place, select the asset and right click and choose Lock:


2) Once the asset has been locked, x's will appear around the asset letting users know it is locked and cannot be moved.


Tips and Restrictions

  • Grouped, masked, and cropped assets can be locked. Once locked, the asset can still be edited. 
  • Assets with a motion path can be locked, however the points cannot be moved once locked. Unlock the asset to edit the motion path.
  • Assets that are locked cannot be aligned, distributed, ordered, copied, deleted, replaced or rotated.
  • Assets that are locked, actions cannot be flipped and assets cannot be mirrored.
  • Properties that can be edited while an asset is locked are:
    • Character actions can be changed
    • Expressions
    • Asset Color
    • Chart Data
  • Assets can also be locked from the context menu top bar:


  • Keyboard shortcut Mac:
    • Lock:  ⌘ L 
    • Unlock: ⌘ L 
    • Unlock All: ⌘ Shift L 
  • Keyboard shortcut Windows: 
    • Lock:  Ctrl L
    • Unlock:  Ctrl L
    • Unlock All: Ctrl Shift L



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