How to Make a GIF

GIF's can be used to create a short video loop. You can incorporate a GIF in your email signature, post to social media, or even use it to share short bits of information. Check out the video below which will show you how you can create a GIF file with Vyond. 



  1. Select the scenes from the video you wish to use for your GIF.
  2. Copy and paste the scenes in a new timeline. You can open a new video and paste them there.
  3. Preview the scenes.
  4. Choose the option to download your video as a GIF and pick the resolution you would like. You can then download the file and use it. 

Quick Tip - How do I get my GIF to stop repeating? 

  1. Continue scene and add a static pose for the character. 
  2. Then extend the amount of time for the scene with the static pose. 

Please note that GIFs are built to loop animation, however the above steps can be used if you do not want the animation to appear in a loop. 

For additional tips on GIF's, check out the link here.

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