How do I create an account using SSO (Google or Office 365)?

Creating an account

A Vyond account can only be linked to a Google or Office 365 account for Single Sign-On (SSO) upon initially signing up and using the following method:

1) Go to Vyond's home page and click Free Trial at the top right, or go to this link:


2) Click the Google or Office 365 button on our login page to sign up for Vyond using SSO:


Email and password changes

Accounts created using Google or Office 365 will not have a password associated with them. However, clicking "Forgot your Password?" on the login page will allow a password reset email to be sent. Users will then have both login methods - Email address and password, and SSO:


Please note, if a Vyond account has been created using Google or Office 365, the account's email address cannot be changed within the Vyond Profile Settings. Reach out to to request an email address change if needed.

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