How do I add stock or custom colors to Quick Access?

Adding custom colors to Quick Access

1. Select the Base Color icon and choose a custom color for the background of a video. Available options for selecting a color include RGB & HSB codes, eyedropper tool, or choosing a color from the color grid.

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 10.17.51 AM.png

2. Right-click on the color preview to add the color to Quick Access

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 10.23.13 AM.png

3. Open the Video Contents panel to access Quick Access colors. 

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 10.27.39 AM.png


Adding stock colors to Quick Access

Stock colors are available for placement in Quick Access. Three stock color categories are available: Whiteboard Animation, Business Friendly, or Contemporary.

1. Open the Palettes tab and scroll vertically to explore stock palettes. 

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 2.35.11 PM.png

2. Right-click on a color and select Add to Quick Access.

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 2.37.35 PM.png

3. The color appears in the Quick Access panel.

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 2.39.33 PM.png

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