How do I adjust timing and camera movements?

Adjusting Timing of Props and Effects

1) Click the down arrow on the Timeline to open the Expanded Timeline.


2) Click and drag the beginning of a track and move it to a different section of the timeline - the start time, end time, and duration appears at the top in a tooltip to give more information.


3) Click and drag the diamond shape in an asset track to change enter and exit effect delay and duration.


Creating and Adjusting Camera Movements

1) Add a camera movement by clicking the camera icon in the toolbar and select Add Camera.


2) Select Add Camera Movement.


3) Move and re-size the smaller, light orange camera movement window. Zoom in requires the light orange box (the one that appears after selecting the camera movement option) to sit within the dark orange box around the outside of the scene. Zoom out requires the dark orange box (the one that appears around the stage after selecting the camera movement option) to sit within the light orange box.



4) Scenes with camera movements have camera timing tracks in the advanced timeline. Directions to open the advance timeline are at the beginning of this article. Click and drag the diamond in the blue camera timing track to adjust when the camera zoom begins and ends.


Creating a Series of Camera Movements
To create a series of camera movements that play in sequence, more scenes can be added to the video. For example, to make the camera move from A to B and then from B to C, add an additional scene using the option Continue Last Scene. The camera's end position from the previous scene will be the start position on the next scene.


Learn more about camera movement here!

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