What is masking?

Looking for a way to show a character from the waist up? Or seeking something
that behaves like cropping? Masking allows for for an asset to be placed within




Use the steps below to explore masking.

1. Use either the right-click mask option to multi-select two assets (one should be a maskable frame) or select the maskable frame and then asset from the mask toolbox: 




2. After adjusting the mask region, click anywhere outside the asset region to save the mask settings.


To edit a mask within an asset: 

1. Either right click on the asset to click “Edit Mask” or double click on the asset.


2. Edit the mask region.


3. Click anywhere outside the asset region to save the mask settings. 

To replace the masked asset within a frame:

1. From the mask toolbox, click on the replace function.



2. Select another asset in its place.


3. Click anywhere outside the asset to save the mask settings.

To replace a mask frame on a masked asset: 

1. Double click on the asset and click on the replace function in the toolbox.


2. After the replace mode is enabled, choose another maskable frame. 


3. Click anywhere outside the asset region to save the mask settings.

To revert back to the original state of the assets: 

1. Right click on the asset and select the “Remove Mask” option.


2. The assets will be decoupled and remain on the scene for further editing.




PLEASE NOTE: Not all assets and props are available for use with this Mask feature - only a select list of props are maskable. Search "masks" to find the list of props that work with the Mask feature.




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