How do I bulk edit props and other assets across scenes?

1) Select multiple scenes in the timeline by holding the Cmd/Ctrl key and clicking on the scene. Selected scenes will be highlighted in the timeline. 

Assetview multi select.png

2) Open the Asset View Panel: 

Assetview Button.png

3) A list of existing props and assets across the selected scenes appears - select one to begin the editing process across all scenes. Hold Cmd/Ctrl + Click to multi-select assets in Asset View. Learn how to navigate Asset View here

Assetview Panel.png

4) To edit, select an asset and choose an option from the asset properties toolbar. This includes replacing the asset, changing its colors, adding a motion path, and more!  

Asswetview Properties.png

5) New changes will show in the Asset View panel and on the stage. 

Asset View post change.png

The Replace function is being used in the example above

6) Click the Asset View button to close the Asset View panel. 

Assetview close.png



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