Import Slides

PowerPoint slides can be imported into the studio. Turn slides into engaging videos with this feature. 



1. Select the drop down arrow on the Create Video button. This button is found on the top right of the video listing page: 


2. Click on the Import Slides option:


3. A window will appear allowing you to select the PowerPoint to add to Vyond:


4. A new window will appear showing the uploading status of the PowerPoint file: 


5. When finished uploading, a message will show at the bottom of the page stating the video is being generated. Once fully generated, the video will be added to your library and a blue button will display at the bottom of the page with the option to View In New Tab. 


6. The video is now available to edit: 



Additional Notes

  • This feature is in beta mode and supports text, images, video and audio with limited formatting. Not all formats are supported at this time. 
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