Can I copy and paste assets?

Yes - most items in the video maker are eligible for copying and pasting. CharactersProps, and Text are the main assets that may get copied and pasted; however, scenes, audio, and other items in the timeline are also eligible for this function.

1) For example, to copy and paste a Character, select it in the scene. An active window or box will appear on the asset when it is selected.


2) Use the copy function at the top of the video maker, or use keyboard shortcuts, to copy the asset.

3) Use the keyboard shortcut Cmd V or Ctrl V to paste the asset. Copy and paste can be done as many times as necessary for assets.


4) Move the assets around the scene and save your changes.

Assets can also be copied and pasted between separate videos and browser tabs. Here is more information.

Note: To copy an asset that has a motion path, click the asset, hold SHIFT and click the asset's end position. Then copy and paste into a different scene or video.


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