Background Manipulation

Background manipulation allows users to be able to use a customize a background in their video. The ability to fix a background to a scene is available for imported images and videos. Check out the video below: 


Using an imported image or video as background

1. Right-click on an imported image, or video, thumbnail in your Uploads library. Select Use as Background


2. The background will then appear fixed to the scene: 


Adjusting background position and size

1. Right-click on the stage and select Customize Background


2. The entire image, or video, size will be fully displayed. This allows users to resize and reposition the background to their liking. Once the image has been adjusted, click outside of the scene to fix it in place.


Background settings

1. Select the Background icon in the asset properties panel to open customization settings:


2. The settings will appear with a drop-down menu to adjust and crop the image. The option to flip the image will also appear: 


Crop options inclide: 

  • Fill Stage
  • Fit to Stage
  • Stretched
  • Custom

Once the background is set, assets can then be added to the stage to begin your video making journey.


Please note:

  • Vyond scenes are limited to one video per scene. If a video is used as a background, no other videos can be added to the scene. 
  • Vyond scenes are limited to a duration of 4 minutes. For videos longer than 4 minutes, please use the continue scene option when creating new scenes to avoid the video looping. 
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