How do I remove or hide values in charts?

Removing rows or columns in chart data panel

1) Click on the Chart Data icon:


2) Click on the grey line above the ranges or the data points:


3) The range column or data row will be highlighted in orange: 


4) Press Delete on the keyboard to remove the item. The change will reflect on the chart: 


Hiding line segments that don't extend to the end of the x-axis

1) Add values in the ranges section of the Charts area. Ideally, the range that needs to have values hidden does not intersect with any other lines. In this example, Range 1 is going to have the last few data points covered up.


2) Add a rectangle shape off to the side of the chart. Change the color to match the scene's background. If the background is not a solid color, take a screenshot of the background where the line will appear and upload it as a custom asset.


3) Place the image over the values to cover them up.


Optional step - apply the Slide Up Enter Effect and adjust the timing using the timeline:


If Slide Up Enter Effect is added, it will appear in the video like this:



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