Motion Path


  1. Select the asset that you want to add motion path to.
  2. Open the motion path panel and choose a preset path.
  3. Adjust the duration.
  4. Move the transparent copy of the asset to its desired end position.
  5. Preview the result.



The timing of the path will be set to auto fit the duration of the scene. You can choose to customize the delay and duration by choosing the custom option from the dropdown menu.


Path settings 


  • Additional points can be added to a path.
  • The curvature style can be changed.
  • The asset rotation can align to the path.
  • Easing allows the start and end speeds to either slow down or speed up.

Please note that the duration of the motion path can be adjusted after a path has been chosen for an asset.

When adding a motion path to grouped assets, please make sure that no enter or exit effects applied to any assets in the group. If there are effects on any assets in a group, remove them first, then proceed to add a motion path.

Learn how to copy assets with motion paths here.


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