What is the Shared Library?

Vyond Professional subscribers have access to the Shared Library - a place where each subscriber can upload assets and share them across their Professional account. The Shared Library is available under the UploadCharacters, and Audio icons. Scenes and Videos are also found in shared folders.

 Uploaded Assets

1. Go to the uploads library and choose a file to share: 


2. Hover the mouse over the file thumbnail and click on the ellipsis and choose to add the file to the shared library: 


3. The file will then be added to the shared library:



1. Go to your custom character library and choose a character to share:


2. Hover the mouse over the character thumbnail and click on the ellipsis and choose the option to add the character to the shared library: 


3. The character will be added to the shared library:Screen_Shot_2023-03-30_at_2.19.05_PM.png


1. Go to audio icon and open your audio files. Choose either the mic recording or text-to-speech folder:


2. Select a track to share:


3. To the right of the track, click on the ellipsis and choose the option to add the audio track to the shared folder: 


4. The audio track will be added to the shared folder:



1. Right click on the scene you want to save in the timeline and choose the option to Save Scene


2. Go to your Scene library and hover your mouse over the ellipsis. Then, choose to add the saved scene to the shared library:


3. The scene will then appear in the shared scene library: 


Your team can then use the scenes in their videos. To learn more about Scenes and to see the above steps in action, check out the tutorial video here. 


Any videos that have been shared will appear in the Shared with You folder on the video listing page:

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 10.54.29 AM.png

To learn more about how to share videos with your team, steps can be found here.

Please note: To share an uploaded audio file, refer to the steps above on how to share uploaded assets. 

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