Do I need to whitelist URLs for Vyond if I'm a network administrator?

The following URLs must be accessible across both http and https in order to use Vyond:

* (where * is wildcard)

The following URLs must be accessible across the Secured WebSocket protocol on port 443: 
NOTE: Clicking on the links will not prove access or lack thereof. Clicking on the last two links, for example, will yield an error message. This is normal, and does not indicate whether or not access is being provided through your firewall or proxy server.
4/19/21 - Added
3/9/21 - Added
11/27/18 - Added
5/5/18 - Changed domain from to, and removed support for Microsoft Outlook Add-in.
5/24/16 - Added requirement for across WSS port 443 for use with the Microsoft Outlook Add-in that allows watching videos from within an email in MS Outlook.
3/22/16 - Replaced requirement for port 1337 for with more standard port 443
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