Does Vyond Sell Customer Data?

Vyond does not sell customer data. 

The opt-out page ( and the language in our privacy policy is worded the way it is because the California Consumer Privacy Act, and other similar U.S. state privacy laws, consider the use of cross-contextual behavioral advertising (often called "retargeting") to fall within the respective laws’ definitions of "selling” or “sharing." You're probably familiar with retargeting by virtue of seeing ads on social media sites for things you've researched online using your favorite search engine. For example, suppose you're in the market for a new TV and you start doing online research comparing different models. Shortly thereafter, if you log into Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, or other social media sites, you may see ads for TVs. That's "cross-contextual behavioral advertising" at work, and the CCPA requires companies that meet certain requirements to allow consumers to opt out of this type of advertising.

We, like many other online companies, use retargeting to help sell our service and tailor your experience, but you can opt out of this targeted advertising by visiting the opt-out page on our website.

For more information about our privacy practices, you can visit our privacy policy, available here.

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