Bulk Edit Audio in the Timeline

Bulk editing audio allows users to quickly edit multiple audio clips in the timeline without having to open the individual settings for each. Users are now able to: 

- Bulk Assign Audio to a Character

- Bulk Edit Audio Volume 

- Bulk Edit Text-to-Speech (TTS) Settings

- Bulk Replace Audio 



1) Select multiple audio clips by holding the Cmd/Ctrl key and individually clicking on them in the timeline. They can also be selected by left-clicking and dragging the cursor over audio clips in the timeline. Selected audio will be outlined in orange. 


2) Right-click on any of the selected audio clips and select Settings in the menu.


3) Edit the settings of the selected audio clips. 



Bulk Assign Audio to a Character: 

With the audio settings panel open, click on the icon at the top of the box to assign audio to a specific character. A list of available characters will appear in the dropdown menu. 


Click a character icon from the list to assign the selected audio to the character.



Bulk Edit Audio Volume: 

Either enter a specific value into the volume section of the audio settings panel, or choose a predetermined value from the dropdown menu. 


Fade settings can be adjusted as well. The feature first needs to be activated with the Fade toggle found in the audio settings panel. 


*Professional and Enterprise users are also able to enhance uploaded and mic recording audio using the SPEECH ENHANCER. 



Bulk Edit Text-to-Speech (TTS) Settings: 

When TTS audio is selected, voice settings can be bulk edited. This includes language, voice selection, and voice style. To edit TTS audio, click the editing pencil in the audio settings panel (this option will be greyed out if non-TTS audio is selected). 




Bulk Replace Audio 

While multiple audio clips are selected, click on the replace icon in the toolbar. This will open replace mode. 


Next, select new audio from the audio library to replace the existing audio. 


The new audio will replace the previous audio and will be added to the timeline. 



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