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Enterprise teams now have the option to create shared spaces. The shared spaces feature enables teams to easily create spaces for specific purposes, projects and groups. Shared spaces allow you to add specific team members to collaborate. Check out the details below! Please note, this feature is for Enterprise users only. 


Create a Shared Space

To create a share space, click on the + icon: 


Next, a window will appear where the name and description of the space can be added: 


Once a name and description have been given, click Done to go to the newly created shared space: 


The shared space has been created: 



Add Members 

To add members to a shared space, click on the Members icon at the top right of the shared space: 


Next, a window will appear where the emails of team members can be added along with a message: 


After clicking Send Invitation, a list of the invited members will appear: 



Permission Levels 

Members can be assigned specific permission levels. 

Click on the Members icon: 


A window with the list of members will appear where a dropdown menu will show next to each members name where the permission levels can be changed: 



View Access View only.
Copy Access View and copy only.
Edit Access View, copy, edit and download.
Full Access View, copy, edit, download, share and delete.
Space Manager Full Access + manage space and members.


Create Folders

To create a folder, click on the Folder icon on the top right of the shared space: 


A window will appear where you can create a name for the folder: 


Once you click Create, the folder will appear in the shared space: 



Add Videos

From your video listing page, choose a video to move to the shared space and click the three dots for more options and select Move To


A window will appear showing your current folders: 


From there, select the back arrow to go back to All Videos


Next, select the shared space from the list: 


Note, you can either move the video directly to the shared space or move it to the folder within the shared space by clicking the arrow next to the shared space where the folders will appear: 


After selecting Move Here, the video will appear in the selected folder:


Edit Shared Space Details

To edit the description or title of your shared space, click on the three dots for more options:  Screen_Shot_2021-08-12_at_3.57.54_PM.png

From the menu, you can select Space Info


A window will appear where the details can be changed: 


Delete a Shared Space

To delete a shared space, select the three dots for more options: 


Next, select Delete

A window will appear notifying that videos must either be deleted or moved out of the shared space before you can delete the space. Once videos are moved or deleted, the shared space can then be deleted. 


Please note that videos moved to the trash will be found in the Trash of the shared space, that can be found using the drop down menu from the Trash folder: 


Sharing Videos

For members who have Full Access and are a Space Manager, they have the ability to share videos. Functions for sharing videos include: 

  • Sharing a video link.
  • Give Individual Access to a video.
  • Sharing a video as a template.

When moving a video to the shared space, all share previous share settings will remain. A pop up will appear to notify you: 


When moving a video out of the shared space, the share setting will be carried over. A pop up will appear to notify you: 






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