Can the aspect ratio be changed on a video?

Vyond now offers a broad range of options for aspect ratio in response to user requests. We understand that the ability to adjust the aspect ratio of a video can open up a range of options to help create the best content for specific platforms or applications, such as video banners. These options are available to Premium and Professional users only and aspect ratios cannot be adjusted on Free Trial or Essential plans.


1. Select the Video Settings



2. Then select the Aspect Ratio of your choice using the drop down menu: Horizontal, Square, Vertical or Custom.


Below are quick reference resources about which resolution options are available:


Aspect ratio will be visualized on stage in the form of a camera (similar to camera movement). The camera can be adjusted in size and position across the stage, by interacting with the frame directly or using the camera toolbox. An alert may pop up when assets in the video need to be adjusted in position in order to fit within the bounds of the aspect ratio selected.


Camera movement, motion path and all effects and scene transitions still work in all of the different ratio formats. Ratio will be reflected in the timeline on the thumbnail of the scene.





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