What bitrate does the platform use for downloaded videos?

The platform uses a variable bitrate. This allows the creation of full 1080p HD videos while keeping the size of the downloaded file smaller than if a constant bitrate were used.

Some hosting platforms sample the bitrate of a video prior to uploading it, in order to make suggestions to their customers. If a sample is taken at a time when a relatively low bitrate is in use, some hosting services may assume that the bitrate is not high enough to produce a quality result. While this may be true for videos produced with a constant bitrate, it is not necessarily true for those produced with a variable bitrate.

Here is an example of a message provided to a Vimeo customer after a bitrate sample was taken during a low-complexity part of the video:

"We have some recommendations for this video: This video's data rate is only 1988 kbit/s, which is lower than what we recommend and means your video might not look as nice as it should. For HD video, we suggest you use a higher data rate, typically 5000 kbit/s. Learn more about our recommended HD settings."

If you see a message similar to this when importing an HD video created with Vyond to another web site, it is because the video was sampled at a place with low complexity, and thus a lower bitrate. There is no cause for concern, and you can be assured that your video is produced to the full HD standard.

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