Unable to import MP4 file

If you're experiencing an issue while trying to import an MP4 video clip into Vyond Studio, we suggest checking the following parameters:

  1. Check the file size (MB). Imported videos should not exceed 100 MB. Learn how to reduce the file size here.
  2. Check the video encoding and frame rate. Videos should have H.264 codec and a frame rate of 24 frames/sec. Learn more here.
  3. Check the video length (minutes). Imported videos should not exceed 90 minutes. If the video clip you're trying to import is longer, consider splitting it into shorter parts before importing the file.
  4. Check the video dimensions (width x height). Imported videos should not exceed 1920 x 1080px. If this is the case, you might need to use a third-party tool to rescale the video before importing it into Vyond.
  5. Check the file type/extension. Some video files might look like they have an MP4 extension but are internally tagged as MOV, ISO, or other file types which are currently incompatible with the platform. This depends on the tool that was used to create the video. You can use any file-checking tool, you can see an example here.
  6. If your video has a file extension that is not MP4, you might need to re-export it as MP4 or change the extension using a file converter. 

For more information on how to import video clips into Vyond Studio, please refer to this article.

To see other third-party tools to edit audio, video, and graphic files, check this article.

If the problem still persists, please contact us at support@vyond.com.


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