Managing Professional User Access

This article will cover user roles and user statuses. See this article for more information on managing changes to your Professional subscription. A brief summary of user roles and statuses are provided below. 

User Roles

Owner Managers entire account, including users, videos, spaces, and subscriptions.
Manager Manages one subscription, including users, videos, and spaces in that one subscription.
Member No management functions.


User Status

Active Can login, create content, and occupies a seat.
Deactivated Cannot login or create content. They do not occupy a seat.
Suspended Cannot login but they do occupy a seat and their content remains.



How should I manage users who are now deactivated?

Deactivated users cannot log in, their content (videos and assets) is preserved and will remain so until you take action on their account. Read on for more details on how to handle these users. You should review the list of users and make a decision on whether or not these users:

  • Require access to create in Vyond.
  • Own content and assets you wish to preserve.
  • Ought to have their content and assets deleted.

There is no time limit on when to manage these users. If you do not take action, they will simply remain in the same state. Their accounts and content will be inaccessible, but the content and assets will be safely preserved until you make a choice to:

  • Activate the user.
  • Deactivate and transfer their content to another active member.
  • Deactivate and delete their content.

How do I make a deactivated user into an active user?

If you have a seat available you can reactivate the user, or you can add a seat for them to occupy.

What if I don’t have any open seats?

If you do not already have an open seat on your subscription you can purchase an additional seat, or review your list of users to see if there is another user that can be deactivated to free up a seat. 

I don’t want to reactivate this user, but I need to keep their videos and assets. 

If you click on the deactivated user, you will also have the option to transfer their video content and imported assets to another active user. The folder structure and shared video settings from the deactivated user will be carried over to the new owner. Imported assets have a special tab in the assets menu.

What happens when a user is deactivated and the content is deleted? 

Deactivated users own no content and no longer occupy a seat on your subscription. Content deletion and content ownership transfer are both permanent and irreversible. Reactivating these users will not restore previously deleted or transferred content.

What happens when a user is suspended?

Suspending a user in Vyond means that they cannot log into their Vyond account. Their content is retained and they can be reactivated at any time. If you work with the same contractors frequently, this is a convenient way to maintain their access to the platform and avoid having to transfer ownership of their content between projects. Suspended users occupy a seat.

What do the user statuses mean? 

 User Status

 Can Log in?

 Occupies Seat?

 Can Own Content?















*Content will revert to admin ownership or can be transferred to a specific user prior to deletion





**Reactivate user or transfer content to an active user 

 See also: How do I deactivate, suspend, or add new seats and users in Vyond Professional?

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