How do I merge existing subscriptions into a Professional plan with multiple seats

Multi-subscription is a way to allow users across different subscriptions to collaborate on one account. Each subscription maintains its original subscription period. This option works best for teams working at the same company. Please note this is for Professional and Enterprise subscriptions only.

Things to Consider 

  • Once the multi subscription feature is applied it cannot be reversed.
  • Users under the account can be moved from one subscription to another, but the seats associated with the specific subscriptions remain fixed.
  • Payment for the individual subscriptions remain separate and on separate schedules.
  • Permission from both owners of the subscriptions are required before the merge.

Seat Allocation

Within a multi-subscription, the account owner is able to move users across subscriptions. This makes it easier to combine the multi-subscription users to create a more traditional Professional subscription. Check out the steps below to see how to move users across subscriptions: 

1. From the Homepage, open the Users section. 

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 9.46.36 AM.png

2. Find the desired user and open their user management tab by clicking the gear icon to the right of their name. 

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 9.47.44 AM.png

3. Open the Seat Allocation dropdown menu and select the subscription the user will be moved to. 

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 10.09.19 AM.png

4. Click SAVE to finalize the change. 

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