Do I need a separate license to use built-in music tracks?

The background music and sound effects included with Vyond subscriptions are licensed from third-party providers, such as Universal Music Group and Sound Rangers.

Please refer to Section 4 of Vyond’s Terms of Service for restrictions on the use of videos containing music and sound effects licensed through Vyond’s third-party providers. If you would like to use videos created with Vyond Studio in any broadcast medium or public performance, please contact for a separate licensing agreement.

Previously, we had also licensed music from Premium Beat (Shutterstock). As of August 17, 2021, tracks from PremiumBeat are no longer available in Vyond Studio. Premium Beat tracks currently included in works-in-progress should be replaced, since the rights to those tracks are no longer cleared. Videos downloaded prior to August 17th, 2021 are not impacted by this change.


If a copyright claim has been received after posting to Youtube, please submit a support request here.

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