How do I make a character's lips open more widely?

When using the Lip Sync feature, a character's lips will open more widely when the underlying audio file is recorded at a higher volume. This allows you for a "whisper effect" when a character talks. If the narration is recorded at a low mic level, the lips will open less than they otherwise would.


The size of the audio file's wavelengths are usually a clear indicator if the file will properly lip sync with the character:

Low wavelengths:


Normal wavelengths:


Using Audacity, the wavelengths on imported audio files file can be boosted:

1) Open the file in Audacity:


2) Select the entire track:


3) Click Effect, then Amplify:


4) Set the New Peak Amplitude to -3.0: 



5) Ensure the recording channel is set to 2 (Stereo):


6) Export the file:


7) Import the file into Vyond.

Note: Adjusting the volume of an audio file in Vyond Studio will not affect lip movements. The adjustment must be completed prior to importing.

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