Color Shuffler

The Color Shuffler aims to help Vyond for Agency and Vyond for Enterprise users adhere to their brand identities, seamlessly. This feature gives users the power to recolor the entirety of a scene, or multiple scenes, using an established color palette saved within a Collection, or a team Brand Kit. Owners can add a color palette to their team's Brand Kit, which provides an easily accessible and inspirational way for their users to apply branded colors to existing scenes. 

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Adding a color palette to a Brand Kit or Collection 

Open the color tab in the asset toolbar. Navigate to the All Palettes tab. 

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Open the More menu for the palette (three-dot menu to the right of the palette name). Hover over Add to Collections and select a collection to add the palette to, or create a new collection. 

Add to collection CS.png 

To access the Color Shuffler within a Brand Kit, open the Brand Kit tab and navigate to your Brand Kit. 

Opening Brand Kit CS.png

To access the Color Shuffler in a Collection, open the Library tab and open Collections

Collections Open CS.png

Note: Only account owners can add a palette to a Brand Kit. Learn how to setup a Brand Kit here

Recoloring scenes with Color Shuffler

With the scene you want to recolor selected, open a Brand Kit or Collection. The saved palette will appear at the top of the Brand Kit/Collection. 

Shuffler in Brand Kit CS.png

Hover over the Color Shuffler palette and click anywhere on the palette to recolor your selected scene. 

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Assets that can be recolored: 

  • Background Colors
  • Props
  • Charts
  • Characters (Contemporary and Business Friendly Characters only) 

Assets that cannot be recolored: 

  • Shutterstock Images
  • Shutterstock Videos
  • User uploaded Videos
  • User uploaded PNG and JPG files
  • User uploaded SVG files 

Other Considerations:

  • The recoloring feature uses a maximum of 5 colors from the selected palette and applies them to the scene.
  • With each subsequent click of the Color Shuffler, the colors will shift to a new set of colors, including any additional colors in the palette that were previously not applied. 
  • Character attributes related to skin tone will not be recolored when using the Color Shuffler. This includes face, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, and feet. 
  • To recolor multiple scenes, multi-select the scenes to be recolored and then open the Color Shuffler. Selecting multiple scenes is done by holding Cmd/Ctrl key and clicking the scenes to select them. 
  • Brand Kits and Collections can have multiple palettes added to them. 

Removing color palette within a Brand Kit or Collection

Within a Brand kit, or Collection, open the More menu (three-dot menu to the right of the palette name) and select to remove the palette. 

Removing Brand Kit.png

Palettes that are removed from a Brand Kit, or Collection, will still be available to use within the Palettes section. 

Editing color palette within a Brand Kit or Collection

Within a Brand Kit, or Collection, open the More menu (three-dot menu to the right of the palette) and select Edit

Editing palette brand kit.png

This will open the palette tab where colors can be adjusted or removed from the palette. 

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